The Lovemakers by Alan Wearne
18 years after its commencement.
5 years after its completion.
3 years and 3 awards after Book One.

Alan Wearne & ABC Books
The Lovemakers
Book Two "Money and Nothing"

It’s the late 1970’s, early 1980’s: choices have been made, careers established and now new tales need to be told of Kevin the heroin czar, Stubbsy the entrepeneur, Gibbo the comedian and Sophie, Hannah and Carrie - three women, each set on making her mark.
And through this decade consumed by melodrama and farce, money and nothing ambles Kim Lacy: drug importer, merchant banker -- a two-faced charmer forever on the approxiamate make.
The second part of Alan Wearne’s Australian epic continues to chart the sleaze, mayhem and humanity that form the life of a nation.

This is a tour de force of style and observation, with an Australian language that is as artfully constructed as CJ Dennis, as deadly and ironic as Barry Humphries, as loquaciously imagined as Jack Hibberd and more mordantly observed than David Williamson ..,. it’s a loaded vernacular, using all the rhythm and bounce we learned from the Americans, and applied to a world and characters which only we -- we Australians -- know.
Garrie Hutchinson

What soap opera and mini-series could only dream of.
Ken Bolton

The Lovemakers can be read as an exciting story; it is also poetry on a grand scale.
Peter Porter

Such is the sensitivity of Wearne’s portrayal of adolexcence, in particular, that it doesn't matter which Australian suburb you were bought up in, you are likely to find an important part of your own experience in this book.
Ivor Indyk
On The Rice Trail: Mr A Cruises North
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Published: February 2004 by ABC Books for the
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ISBN: 0 7333 1359 0 (bk.2)
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