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The Lovemakers The Penguin edition of The Lovemakers was launched on March 15th 2001, together with a CD of selections read by the author.

Centred on Australian suburbia in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s, The Lovemakers explores the inner and outer tensions of families and society, and the rituals of home extensions, weddings and public-service career paths. Meanwhile, in the city, the demi-monde transforms itself into the drug curlture. Alan Wearne’s stunning verse-novel builds pwerfully to its emotional heart: the triangle of Barb, her husband Roger and her lover Neil.
Alan Wearne & The Lovemakers

2002 Arts Queensland Judith Wright Calanthe Award for Australian Poetry
The Lovemakers CDWith poetry a form of writing to be tackled by its audience with deliberation, and much of The Lovemakers propelled by voice and voices, readers will be 'overhearing' quite a lot of dialogue, and should be prepared for many characters to step forward and address them directly. This, I suppose, is where the CD comes in. Its selections are meant to give both some idea of the work's plots and scope, and my way of reading the verse. To catch certain emphases and intonations in these selections certainly won't hinder an appreciation of the whole. Besides, it has been often proposed that my poetry is written for my voice as much as for the page. Certainly I know I come from an aural (though not necessarily a ‘performance’) tradition. But unless a poem is so dominated by its ‘visual’ elements that reading aloud is near to impossible then all poetry should be drafted and auditioned as much with its creator's voice as with his/her pen and paper. Alan Wearne
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Covering thirty years of this country’s life and loves, The Lovemakers is enormous in its scope. And of course we expect even more from Alan Wearne: a near preternatural sensitivity to Australians and their complex private, social and occupational situations. But what is even more striking in this book is the incredible compression of the poeotry, one which opens out to the reader in amazing layers of imaginative detail.
Martin Duwell
Someone is making rabbit’s ears in the school photo, someone is runing a bra up the flagpole. A poetry of biography: of families, friends and lovers. A poetry that weaves lyrics and songs into daily living. A poetry in love with people. A book to swim in.
With Wearne, we get the combination of extremely imaginative writing on the largest possible scale, in a style of absolute originality.
Peter Craven
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Published: March 2001
ISBN: 0140245413
Origin: Australia
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